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Meet  Heidi

Heidi has been teaching piano for over thirty-five years and treasures her private students. Ranging in age from 5 to 80, they give her the opportunity to share her love of music with students of all ages.

Having the opportunity to return to school in her mid 40's has given Heidi insight into the challenges that adult students face with coordination and learning. She helps them each find patience in their process.

Her spirit and energy awaken when she's working with her younger students. Imagination comes to life as they discover the varied stories, colors, and moods of music from today's composers to as far back as those from 300 years ago. 


Photo Credit

Sarah Modene

Teaching Philosophy

It is important to me to nurture each student’s musical ability and encourage them to use the piano as a reflection of their inner selves. To achieve this, I believe it is critical to become adept at identifying each student's unique strengths and to develop strategies that complement their individual learning styles and abilities. A balance of music history, theory, technique, repertoire and public/studio performance opportunities will be provided to enrich their musical experience. 


There are times in a student's path when their music becomes more than another skill/talent to develop. I have had extensive experience in my own life, as well as the lives of my students in using music to help navigate difficulties and challenges. It is at these times that it is especially important to me to be intuitive to the needs of not only the student but the family members involved. At these moments I share my personal experience as it relates to the current situation using music as a tool for healing and personal transformation.





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