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Expressing herself through words, not just music.

Heidi Clausius

Heidi has been journaling and writing for most of her life, but using the piano as her means of self expression with the world, until recently. After her mother's death in 2018, she began writing her memoir. Inspired by learning from other writers' processes, she spent the summer during the Covid shut down cataloging more than forty years of her journals.  In the fall of 2020 Heidi connected with writing coach and founder of Story A Day, Julie Duffy. In Januray she joined Julie's community of amazing and  supportive writers. Through their encouragement, Heidi has been able to recommit herself to putting her story into words. For the first time in over thirty years, she chose to take the summer off from the majority of her piano students to devote herself to this project. It has been a process of self-discovery and acceptance that she never imagined. This is a page where she will share what is flowing out of her hands in  completely new and unexpected ways.


My Labyrinth

I felt a transformation and, for the first time in my life, an integration of all of the different parts of me. When I was finished, three words came to me: comfort, release and strength. The words I received in the Labyrinth. In that moment I gained clarity that the piano is my Labyrinth. It was as if the lens of my life that has been out of focus for so long instantly became clear. This beautiful gift from my creator has the ability to give me personal, psychological and spiritual transformation. Through it I find comfort, can release what holds me in bondage, and find strength by connecting with myself through the music.  - Oct. 2005



   The bottom is not

                    the end,

    But the beginning


 The place where you find


  undisguised by the world


      The power of one moment

     invites you

  to dig deeper


 To discover what has

   been hidden

        within your soul


      In the safety of the abyss

                     the truth

                 is revealed


   The hope of change

            is born

           Possibility brings light


 Illuminating the path 

          out of darkness

   back into the world


       The gift of the journey is

             restoration, awakening,

                            and renewal


         It is reserved for

   those willing to risk

                   taking the journey


                                    On the

           path of


July 2021

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